Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Little Bird, Little Bird

   Once upon a time there was a little bird. She only had a daddy bird to raise her. He was a very old bird and couldn't fly. She never learned to fly on her own so she became very fat and bitter. The daddy bird was a cuckoo bird. The baby was a chickadee. One day the daddy had to leave her for a few days to make a trip to gather food and twigs for the nest. She was so frightened yet for no reason. She was not used to being alone. Perhaps she realized that one day it will be her alone in that nest one day. She would make fun of the ducks that past by. She would tease the squirrels and talk to the bees about the worms and the worms about the bees right before she would peck their heads off. What a tormented soul she must be? The little bird finally decided to fly. She was tired of waiting for life to come and go. All of her friends were all ready to leave the nest yet she could barely poke a wing out without having an egg about it. So she slowly approached the edge of the home she knew for so long. Her claws curled over the scraggly outside twigs. She leaned over and looked down before gaining the courage to jump. She hunched over holding her breath, spread her wings and her legs bent...then!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Harry the Hairless Turtle

 Once upon a time there was a turtle. The turtle's name was Harry. Harry had no hair. His parents weren't the brightest animals in the forest and that's why they got eaten up by snakes. That and because they were slow, helpless turtles. So Harry the orphan turtle harbored depression. All the other animals made fun of him and said "Animals are supposed to die, and why do you even need parents? Some parents eat their babies and you are sad because you're a lonely turtle? Get a pet or something!" But since Harry was a turtle the only pet he could handle was a rock. He named it Wilson. Wilson never left his side, unless he was in front of Harry, or behind him. Harry spent so much time with Wilson he too decided to become a rock. "Turtles are almost like rocks anyway. They are pretty round, they can live on land, in water, grow algae on their backs sometimes. And we almost never move." So Harry became a rock by sitting very still and never going anywhere unless someone decided to pick him up and skip him across a lake. Harry was very much like his parents in the since that he forgot rocks didn't eat, but turtles needed to. So he starved to death and died.

The End